Tuesday, April 20, 2010

definitions: tez thpenther / dithoner

It's double-definition tuesday!

Thing One and Thing Two

tez thpenther - noun, a small plastic candy dispenser that typically has the head of some cartoon character and holds tiny candies that can be eaten slowly over the course of a morning (K) or quickly, over the course of 5 minutes (L).

me (for the seventh time): L, it's time for you to lie down and go to sleep!
L: But I need thomthing!
me (sigh): What do you "need?"
L (bouncing in her crib, energized by 2 day's worth of chocolate and sugar): My tez thpenther! I need it.
me: Your tez thpenther?
L: No! My tez thpenther!
me: Your tez dispenser?
L: Yeah. I need it!
K: Daddy?
me: Yes K?
K: L keeping me awake.

dithoner - noun, a liquid used for keeping hair from getting tangled.
Can make hair look greasy (mine), but often helps mitigate the post-hair-washing-comb-out (the girls).

L (in the tub and watching K get her hair washed): I want thome dithoner.
me: After we wash your hair.
L: But I need it!
me: We need to wash your hair first. Then conditioner.
L (splashing in frustration): No!
K (on her back and having her hair rinsed): L splashing me.
me: L, please don't splash while I'm rinsing your sister's hair.
L: Dithonerdithonerdithoner!
K: She still splashing!

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