Tuesday, April 27, 2010

definitions: prend / thuekermarket

it's double-definition tuesday:

prend - something that is not real, esp. something from Saddle Club that you are making believe is occurring when it clearly is not because everyone knows the real Saddle Club is on T.V. and not in the kitchen.


K: L, let's ride!
L: Yeah, leth ride!
(both hop on their horses and gallop across the kitchen pasture)
K: Daddy, you Max!
L: You Max Daddy!!
me: I'm Max?
L: Yeah!
me: Who are you?
K: I Lisa!
me: Lisa?
K: Yeah.
L: I Lisa and Carol.
me: Lisa and Carol?
L: Yeah!!
me: What about Mommy?
K: She can be Deborah. Prend. It's prend Daddy!
L: It prend! Thee Deborah prend.

thuekermarket - noun, a place you go to buy stuff you need

L: I need thocolate milk!
me: After you eat your dinner you can have some chocolate milk.
K: We have chocolate milk?
me: Yes. Your mama bought more for me.
K: For you? For paddling?
me: Right. For after paddling.
L: I need thome thocolate milk!
me: If you don't eat your dinner, there's not going to be any chocolate milk.
L: But you can get thome at the thuekermarket.
me: I didn't mean... yeah, I could get more at the thuekermarket, but you need to eat your dinner!
K (watching her sister climb off the window seat and run around the corner): She not eating.
me: No, she's not eating.
K: She not getting chocolate milk.
me: No, she's not getting chocolate milk.

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