Thursday, April 1, 2010

Photo thursday: ... toto, stop your barking, 'cause we're not in kansas no more....

We passed this sign down in the wilds outside of Olympia last weekend, on our way to a real-life Saddle Club experience (about which I'll post separately) and I couldn't not take a picture.

 The country is going to hell!
(when a man can't drive 25 and shoot!!)

So many questions go begging....
  • Is it not a given that shooting isn't allowed? 
  • Is there a speed limit at which shooting is allowed?
  • Maybe it's like cell phones now -- you no longer can drive and shoot at the same time. If you need to shoot, at least pull off the road!

1 comment:

Justin Angle said...

nice that there is a house right behind the sign. i bet "Slow Children" live there.