Saturday, December 27, 2014

let them grow, let them grow, let them grow...

I'm going to skip all the explanations and apologies about why things have been so quiet here and just post this:

L&K - early December

We barely managed a holiday card this year, but somehow the tree was put up and decorated, and presents bought, wrapped, shook, poked, weighed, unwrapped, played with, and set aside. In other words, it's been Christmas around here and is now nearly 2015. How did that happen?

I have dreams of writing a 2014 wrap-up post, but chances are that I won't manage it, so in the event that it doesn't happen, the short story is that we're all still here, all doing well, all busy with various responsibilities and commitments, and life is good. With all the attendant challenges, victories and dreams that go with a good life.