Sunday, April 18, 2010

family: ... i'm so hot from me... i'm so cold....

(another from the Vocabulary does not equal Comprehension files)

L (pulling her shirt up over her head so that she's blinded but cannot manage to finish the job, stumbling around like a decapitated chicken except with less focus and direction): daddy i cold, i taking this off.
me (helping with the shirt): you're taking it off because you're cold?
L: Yeah! (now free of her shirt, she runs into the living room and back, "galloping" and laughing.) Yeah, I cold! I galloping. I Prancer daddy!
me: do you know what "cold" means?
L (somewhat tentatively): Yeah...
me: Ok.
L: (gallops off again)

a short time later:

L: daddy, I getting hot.
me: you are?
L: yeah.
me: maybe from all that running around?
L: Yeah, from all that wunning awound. Daddy, where my thirth?
me: it's right here.
L: Pea you help me put it on?
me: Because you're hot?
L (bouncing on her toes): Yeah.
me (starting to help her into it)
L: No! No! I do it mythelf!
me (backing off): ok.
L (arms now stuck): Pea you help me daddy?
me: ok.

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