Monday, April 26, 2010

family: ...words are flowing out like endless rain...

... from your little head...

More from the Vocabulary does not equal Comprehension files:

Scene: I'm walking downstairs with L in the morning.

me: Did you have a good night's sleep?
L: Yeah. (excited now) I thleep all night in my own bed!
me (laughing): No you didn't! We just got up from my bed!
L (correcting): Your and Mommy bed!
me: Right, Mommy's and my bed.
L (arms raised at the top of the stairs): Daddy, pea you pick me up? Pea you pick me up?
me (leaning down to pick her up): Ok.
L (snuggling in against me as we descend): Daddy, what 'pick me up' mean?
me: speechless... she's kidding, right? right?

Self portrait
(w/ daughter)

About this one:
  • I like this picture
  • even though I look exhausted (probably more realistic than I'd like to believe)
  • L is looking up at me like I have all the answers
  • She'll soon learn better

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