Thursday, April 15, 2010

photo thursday: ... i held my breath and i kicked my feet...

bathing beauties
(bathtime shenanigans)

You wouldn't know it from looking at this picture, but L has begun refusing to go to her swimming lessons. She loves the water (even more so than K who also loves swimming) but won't go to her lessons and our best guess is that this is a result of a combination of:
  • L being 2
  • having a less-than-ideal match in her teacher
  • L being 2
  • did I mention she was 2 years old?
This swimming thing is a fairly important issue for both M and me.

We each grew up swimming and both swam competitively in high school (M in college as well) . And when I say "swam competitively" I mean that:
  • M was fast, and
  • I was .... the only boy on the boys' team.
    The girls team was strong and regularly won island championships. Our boys team (me), not so good. But I got to be captain and (remember, I was a teenage boy) got to hang out with athletic teenage girls wearing nothing but nylon-thin racing suits. I think I was kind of the mascot of our girls team. They put up with me and maybe thought I was cute in a dorky, only-guy-on-the-swim-team kind of way. Hey, no complaints from me! Except I never got to have a relay, what with being by myself.... anyhow....
Both our girls love swimming with M, and everyone is looking forward to warm Florida water this summer. K is actually learning how to swim. L is.... did I mention 2? How long is that plane flight?

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