Tuesday, April 6, 2010

definitions: slit jeans / hanitizer

it's double-definition tuesday!

(a giraffe of sorts)

slit jeans
- noun, a shorter-than-usual length pant

L: I want my slit jeanth!
M: Slit jeans?
L: I want them!!
M: What are your slit jeans?
L: My slit jeanth! My slit jeanth!!
me: Slit jeans?
M: You mean the jeans you wore yesterday?
L: Yeah!
M: Oh, your cropped jeans?
L: Yeah, my crop jeanth!
me (whew, I never would have gotten that!)

hanitizer - noun, an alcohol-based hand cleaner

L: But I need some hanitizer!!!
me: Soap and water are better.
L: But I need some! Some! Some.... hanitiZER!

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