Monday, April 12, 2010

family: ... but they don't listen...

from the Vocabulary does not equal Comprehension files:

(backstory: L has been refusing to go to her swim lessons. We think it's due to a bad teacher-student matchup. But that's kind of irrelevant.)

M: L, do you want to cancel your swim lesson today?
L (shaking her head): No.
M: You want to go swimming?
L (more head shaking): No!
me: L, do you know what "cancel" means?
L (tentative, head motionless now): Yeah.
me: You do?
L (more definitely): Yeah.
me: It means we don't do it.
L: I don't want to thwim!
M: So skip swim lesson today?
L (clearly uncertain now): No.
M: Do you want to swim today?
L (head shaking): No!
M (to me): We need to cancel her lesson.
me: Right.

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