Sunday, April 25, 2010

family: .... god bless the child that's...

... counting their sneezes.

Before the virus hit

scene: We've been slightly under the weather around our house, for which I blame M because last week she noted that it had been a good spring for us, illness-wise.

(recreated conversation, probably held around 10.45p when we were both beyond exhausted):
M: We've gotten off easy.
me (reading? falling asleep?): Hmm?
M: No real colds this year. Not like the last 2 years. Remember how bad it's been in the past?
me (awake now): Nice! You just jinxed it!!

So, this week K has been out of school (on her birthday week, no less, and on the same week during which she was designated "snack master," which for a pre-schooler is akin to being president) with a running nose and a bad cough. L has been her "normal" self, but yesterday began running a fever. And sneezing....

L (sneezes 2 twice, quickly): Daddy! I had only 2 'bleth youth' Daddy!
me: That's great L.

Because, honestly, who needs more than 2 'bless yous' when we have each other?

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