Thursday, April 8, 2010

photo thursday: ...i'm late, i'm late...

(the White Rabbit edition of photo thursday)

Last Sunday was my mom's birthday and I had hoped to post something then, but life kind of got in the way (hey, I did talk to her! ).

In her honor, a picture taken in Honolulu on Easter Sunday, 1939:

JLB, dressed for church
Easter 4/9/1939

She looks like she's standing in front of my grandparents house in Kaimuki. Snazzy shoes, Mom! The hat too! But I'm not sure why she isn't wearing her bunny ears (you did have bunny ears Mom, right?).

I've written about Mom before and before, but want to say again just what a great mom she is. And when I look at her smallkidtime photos I realize that she looks a lot like my little girls:

L, dressed for sugar!

Ok, not exactly looking like mom above. How about this one?

Sisterhood of the traveling tongues

Nope? Never mind then. Whose blog is this, anyway?

An Easter digression of sorts, though last Sunday WAS Easter, and the very first photo above WAS taken on another Easter:

We had 2 egg hunts last weekend, and L is, apparently, one of those kids who will eat everything within 15 minutes of receiving it. And by "everything" I mean everything with sugar in it. Which means I was opening eggs and unwrapping chocolate for L as she went. (K, on the other hand, collected a large number of eggs and now has approximately 15 pounds of candy in her candy bag, which she won't be done with by the time Halloween comes around.) Needless to say, bedtime didn't go smoothly....

One more photo of Mom in Honolulu, around 1930:

Mom, with lei

Happy birthday Mom, and happy Easter. Feel free to be 4 days late with my next birthday card!

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