Thursday, April 22, 2010

family: ... you are so beautiful...

... but not to me.

(backstory: early morning, still dark out, birds just waking up, K&M have been up for some time now. L&I are still abed, sleeping hard....)

K: Mommy, you not pretty right now.

M (actually spoken): Really? You know it's not nice to say something like that to someone. If you don't think they look good, you shouldn't say anything about it. Why don't you think I look pretty?

M (tempted to say - note: speculative): I know. It's early, not even 5.30 yet, but I had to get up because you were awake and wanted to come downstairs and I was hoping to let your daddy and sister sleep a bit longer in hopes that they don't catch the same cold you've got and are now giving to me.

K, still waking up
(maybe you should have stayed in bed longer...)

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Jocelyn said...

I have a great video of this conversation last summer with Austin:

A: "Mama, you look pretty in make-up."
Me: "OH, thank you, but I would prefer it if you think I look pretty without make-up."
A: "Mama, you look pretty without make-up."
Me: "Thank you Austin!"
A: "But you look pretty in make-up."