Saturday, April 3, 2010

family: ... we are (we are) we are... supergirls....

In case anyone doubts the courage of my daughters, I offer up this picture as proof.

My kids are braver than anyone else's kids.

Grooming the beast

Look at the size of this horse (who, I should add, belongs to cousin Maggie, a hero to the girls for providing them with a real-life Saddle Club experience). This is Ohso, and as you can see, just his head is bigger than either girl. Measure it yourself. Go and get your ruler. I'll wait.

See what I mean?

What's curious is, when you're with him, you don't notice this oddity. But pictures never lie, so when I got my camera home to find this, I thanked my lucky stars that he didn't sneeze and blow the girls into the next pasture. Also, I figure I can safely conclude that my girls are the most brave girls in this blog. Me, I'm not going near the beast!

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