Sunday, February 24, 2013

sister sunday - double-braids edition

a couple of photos from yesterday's "lil kickers" soccer session.

walking away from daddy in the parking lot

watching the previous class finish up

Monday, February 11, 2013

monday monday...

... it's the Monday Monthly 'MericanGirlDoll update:

and so far things are going well. The thing to note is that each black K or L stamp represents a day without (unsanctioned) sugar (where "sanctioned = in-school birthday celebration) and a red X is a day of sugar. There are only 4 red Xs on the month, which is fantastic. Especially considering these girls used to ask about dessert roughly 4 to 6 minutes into a dinner, and now they don't at all.

I'll go on record as stating that I continue to have my espresso with sugar in it. I don't care enough about an "American Girl" to try to earn one, or even the accessories for one.