Thursday, March 29, 2012

...woke up, got out of bed...

some days it's just worth being there:

me (walking into the house): Hello the house!
L: Daddy!
K: Daddy! Guess what?!?
me (walking into the kitchen): Hey monkeys. What?
K (serious look): Zoey has the amonia.
me (quick glance at M, then averted eyes): Really?
K: Yeah. She's in the hospital. And we're going to draw pictures for her.
L: Yeah, we're going to draw pictures!

ps, happy birthday, sis.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

... sing of good things, not bad...

back story: K has a speaking part in the pre-primary musical this year. She's been in the chorus the last 2 years as a pre-K student, but this year she (and every kindergartener) has a bigger part. L will be supporting her as part of the chorus.

K's part is "woman 2." There are 4 women, all residents of the village. The musical is Stone Soup. and you remember the story. 3 (4?) soldiers are walking through a countryside, on their way... home(?). The local residents are somewhat resentful because these soldiers eat a lot, and so everyone hides their food and tell the soldiers there is nothing to eat. But the soldiers tell the country people that this isn't a problem because they can just make soup out of a stone. The country folk are intrigued (and skeptical, if 5yos can pull off skeptical), and hang around to watch while the soldiers boil water and add a bit of salt and pepper and discuss how wonderful their soup is going to be. The soldiers occasionally mention that, as good as this soup is, it would be even better if they had an onion/carrot/greens/ham/noodles/MSG/etc. And the people get involved and bring out their hidden food to add to the soup and in the end everyone has some great soup for dinner. In other words, it's your typical topical allegory for these troubled times.

And having a speaking part is a big deal because you have to memorize lines.

But this didn't end up being a problem. K quickly learned her various lines (and so did L learn K's lines), and she can spew speak them on command, though if she's interrupted or distracted, she tends to need to start again from the beginning. Which could make for some interesting theater, if this happens on show night.

I don't have a video, but the general effect is something like:

(slight pause for other lines)
(another slight pause for other lines)

And it's that "applause" bit where M and I come in.

We've been encouraging and watching her practice, and some times L, if she's not interrupted or otherwise runs into a hitch, will sing/sign one or two of the songs that the chorus does in support of the main plot (and I use that term loosely).

At some point not long ago, once M and I realized that both K and L seemed to have their responsibilities well in hand, we started to mix things up a bit, and one particular evening we pressed the girls to do their parts for us, and when K stood in the center of the kitchen to start we hooted and hollered with wild enthusiasm. Which put an expression on her face that was well worth any amount of problems we might have caused.

K: No! I'm not supposed to wave or say hello when I come out.
M&me: We know that. But *we* can. We can make as much noise as we want.
me: Yip! Yip! Yip!!!!
M: Rah! Rah! Rah rah!!!
K: Mommy! Daddy!
M&me: Ok, go on.
K: IsentthemouttopickblueberriessoIcanmakeapieHeretheycomenow.
M&me: Yahoo!! RahYipRahRah!!!
K (disgusted look, overlaid with concern that we might actually DO this during the show): Stop it.
M&me: Ok, go on.
L (comes out)
K&L: Walking, walking, our journey is so slow, walking, walking, we still have far to go...
M&me: YipyipyipYahoo!! RahYipRahRah!!!
L (collapses in embarassment)
K (starting to look annoyed. And possibly beginning to understand that this whole parent/child thing could have some serious downsides): Daddy! Mommy!
M&m (collapse in merriment. Parenting life is good at this moment!)

It made for a very enjoyable meal time. I can hardly wait for opening night!

And let me know if you're anywhere near Chief Sealth High School auditorium on April 3, because we know some of the actors and may be able to find you a ticket!