Monday, August 30, 2010

family: .... I don't mind, I don't mind....

... cause I've got nothing but love for you....

There are times when M and I feel as though we live in a whirlwind of.... craziness.

L is frequently the instigator, but she is not alone is this. Together the girls create a strange and (sometimes) wonderful chaos. I spoke with a friend late on Sunday morning and she said she was just waking up, finishing her first cup of coffee, and getting ready for the second. I laughed. We'd been up since 6am due to the dog and to L. I'd already managed to misbake a batch of scones (uh, baking powder, not baking soda!, 375 nor 425!), share my bowl of oatmeal with L, and chase the barking dog around the yard.

Sample Sunday morning event:

Weather gray and low 60s or even high 50s. It's basically November in August and I'm cranky about that.

Lucy-the-beast comes to the kitchen door, jumping excitedly to let us know she's pooped and should have a treat.
me (getting up): I'm going out to pick up after Lucy.
M (reading the paper): Hmmm...
L ("reading" the paper too): What Dada?
me: I'm going out.
L: You going out?
me: Yeah.
L: Why you going out Dada?
me: To pick up.
L: You going out to pick up?
me: Yeah.
L: What?
me: Huh?
L: What you picking up?
me: Lucy's poop.
L: Ok. I can come too.
me: Uh, sure. It's cold out there.
L: It cold out there?
me: Yeah, but we're only going to be out for a minute.
L: Do I need a coat Dada?
me (going out): No. We'll be quick.
(I scout the lawn and clean up after the beast while L comes out onto the deck.)
L: Dada!
me (whispering): What L?
L: You picking up?!?
me: Yeah. You need to talk quietly. It's still early.
L (yelling): What?
me: Talk quietly.
L: What Dada?
me (hurrying over, bag-o-poop in hand): Nothing. Let's go inside.
L: Ok Dada. I can walk on the gravel. Is you walking on the gravel?
me: Yeah, but I have my slippers on.
L: Yeah.
(back inside the kitchen, M is reading the paper)
me: I need another espresso.
L: Can I have your thugar Dada? Pleeeeath?
me: Yes, you can have my sugar, L.
L: Can I have a drumstick? Pleeath Dada?
me: A drumstick?
L: Yeah. Pleeeeeeeath?!?
me: No, not for breakfast.
L: But I need one!
me (glancing at M): You need one?
L: Yeah, I neeeeeeed one. Pleeeeeath Dada?
me: No L.
L (breaking down on the kitchen floor): whaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
M (reading): Hmm....
me: Ready for another espresso?
M: Yes please.

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Anonymous said...

A mention in a friend's blog! Wow, I'm really moving up in the world. Proud to be the Sunday sloth! :)