Wednesday, August 4, 2010

family: ... dance, dance, dance...

Pure Joy

today's truism - behind every good dancer is a good teacher:

(running back and forth across the upstairs, stopping on one end at the bookshelf beside her bed and at the other end by bouncing into our bed): Daddy, I doing.... I doing.... I at ballet school.
me: Oh, good.
L (bouncing off the bed and heading away again): You the teather Daddy!
me: I'm the teacher?
L (yelling from the other room): Yeah. You the teather Daddy.
me: Ok, run! Run like your life depended on it!
L (running): Look at me! I running! I running!
me: Yes you are. Good work L. You're doing good ballet.

note: L's ballet is, to the uneducated eye, remarkably like her galloping which itself mirrors her "running reallyreally fathed daddy!" Lucky for her, I'm a professional. Do Not Try This At Home!

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