Monday, August 23, 2010

family: ... they talk to themselves but...

... they don't listen.

snippet of in-van conversation from yesterday:

L (talking to herself): ... ith not the way it is because ith not that way...
M: What's not that way?
L: What?
M: What's "not that way" L?
L: Don't thay that!
M: Don't say what?
L: No!
M: You were talking and I was curious what you were talking about.
L: I wath talking to mythelf!
M: But we can hear you.
L: What?
M: When you talk to yourself out loud, we can hear you.
L: What you thaying, mama?
M (motioning with her hands though she's also driving): When you talk out loud (waves hands around mouth), we can hear you and want to know what you're saying.
L: I'm not talking to you!
M: I know, but when you talk....
me: (snicker)
L: Don't thay that! Don't listen.
M (looking over at me): ???
me (laughing out loud): Yeah!
L: What? What Daddy? What?

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Anonymous said...

I keep wanting to hit a "like" button when I read your entries! This is really funny. Kim