Tuesday, August 3, 2010

definitions: prettiful / reneckanize

it's double-definition tuesday!

Meltdown, Florida Panhandle Style
(a pose we reneckanize!)

prettiful - adjective(?), something eye-catching? "land of white"


L (looking at a multi-colored gecko art piece): That prettiful Mommy!
M: Prettiful?
L: Yeah. It really prettiful.
M: What does 'prettiful' mean?
L: It mean the lizard is land of white.
M: ????

reneckanize - verb: to see something that appears to be familiar. You think.


K (riding home from the airport, soaking in sights of Seattle after 20+ days away): Hey, I think I reneckanize that too!
me (driving): What?
K: Those... that... the wires Daddy.
me: The wires?
K: Yeah, and the buildings. Everything. I pretty sure I reneckanize everything.
me: Are you happy to be home?
K (quietly): Yeah.
me: I'm happy you're home too.

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