Friday, August 13, 2010

aloha friday spam: ...same last name...

(disclaimer - as you read this I'm in Hawaii preparing for the Na Pali Challenge. But the wonders of Blogger allow me to pre-schedule this post.)

Here's some spam I got recently that I loved, simply due to the fact that this attorney in Malaysia purports to have a client with the same last name as mine. Which, if you know me, is highly unlikely, in Malaysia, in Japan, in just about anywhere except Hawaii (where some of my family still live), Washington (where my sister and I both live) and in Michigan (where various distant relatives settled after escaping the dreariness of Holland).

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Anonymous said...

Just and FYI I lived in Indonesia for a year way back when, did you know they were a dutch colony for over 400 yrs! You'd be surprised that you could folks with your last name there. Japan, prolly not, but Indonesia, might could be --M