Friday, August 6, 2010

family: ... let's pretend...

scene from a recent morning:

4yo Checkup Bandaid - 4/28/10

K (climbing up onto our bed where I'm lying before heading to work): Daddy, let's pretend we're getting married.
me (just what does she imagine that involves?): I've got to go to work.
K: It only taking about... hmm... 30 minutes.
me: I've got to go soon.
K: I'm the....
me (does she know the words "bride" and "groom"): Yeah?
K: ... the mama and you're the daddy. And I'm pregnant.
me (more and more complicated! Now putting my hand on her stomach): Oh no!
K: It ok Daddy.
me (really?): It is? Hey, I've got to go to work K.
K: Ok, it only taking 1 minute.
me: What do we do?
K: It pretend.
me: Ok, but what do we do?
K (snuggling in beside me): We lie in bed.
me(Aack!!): Really?
K: Yeah.
(a few seconds pass, and K, not typically a snuggler, snuggles close)
K: Ok, we're done.
me (with a feeling of having dodged all sorts of bullets): Ok, I'm going to work now. I love you.
K: I love you Daddy.

Wearing Daddy's sunhat - 5/15/10
(Spannaway Sprints)

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