Saturday, August 7, 2010

family: ...minute by minute...

Sample timeline from my day:

I've probably used this one before
but I like the off-kilter aspect
(taken by K I think)

3.39a - wake up just ahead of the alarm, giving me enough time to get up and turn it off before it goes off and wakes M.
4.05 - make first espresso, spill it on counter, consider licking it up as-is, then decide using a straw makes more sense
4.07 - fail to find straw, determine espresso is now ice cold, wipe up w/ dish cloth and give burial at sink (wash out dish cloth)
4.08 - make second espresso, swallow in single swill
4.10 - make third (really only second!) espresso and swallow again in single swill
4.11-4.16 - make/eat oatmeal, feed dog, let dog out, run after dog as she barks at paper delivery person, wave at delivery person while acutely aware of being in a t-shirt and pajama boxers
4.17 - drag dog inside, cursing
4.25 - shower and contemplate advisability of making another espresso
4.35-4.45 - bumble about making lunch
4.47 - let dog upstairs where, now that she's eaten, had her morning "constitutional", and made the yard safe for squirrels/moles/neighbor cats who want to use the garden as a litterbox, she'll go back to bed. For the rest of the day!
4.48 - contemplate life as a dog and wonder if I have to be extra bad or extra good to
come back that way in my next life
4.50-4.59 - try to find everything I need for my day, which includes paddling gear for after work
5.09 - park and catch bus
5.35 - walk into work
5.36-3.30p cruise the internets/watch YouTube/listen to music work hard
3.35 - leave important meeting early and just miss bus
3.36-4.10 - wait for next bus, wondering where the hell next bus is
4.59 - get to car at last
5.15-5.25 - drive to Waterway 18, start to change into paddling clothes by wrapping towel around my waist and undressing/dressing while traffic goes by. Wave at the tourists in the DUCKs as they pass. Realize I've forgotten my trunks. Scrounge under seats of car (still in towel) looking for backup trunks. Find some and pull them on.
5.30-5.45 - get canoe ready
5.50-9 - paddle my ass off, failing to find any regular rhythm or power or anything remotely useful to any other paddler in the canoe
9.01-9.07 - dry off and crawl into the car to try and drive home
9.15 - realize I've gone nearly all the way home without putting on my seatbelt. Pull it on.
9.20 - somehow arrive home having decided not to stop at the store for chocolate milk or anything else remotely useful to M and the girls tomorrow
9.22 - fumble with backdoor key, giving the dog plenty of time to get up from her bed and bark loudly at me through the glass kitchen door, threatening to wake up the household
9.23-9.29 - stand in front of refrigerator eating anything I find, not bothering with plate/bowl/serving spoon
9.30 - decide I'm too tired to take a shower
9.31-9.35 - try to convince myself I'm too tired to brush teeth but finally allow my guilt to override exhaustion
9.36 - crawl into bed next to a sleeping M who has had to deal with 2 maniacal girls all afternoon/evening
9.32 - 9.32.5 - attempt to read
9.33 - drop book on bedside table, fumble light off and fall immediately asleep

(repeat more or less daily)

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Anonymous said...

M does not object to a large smelly man crawling into bed with her sleeping self? That is extreme tolerance/love.

Do you really wave at the duck boats while only wearing a towel?!?