Tuesday, August 24, 2010

definitions: zu-kenny / rejuice

it's double-definition tuesday!

zukenny - noun, a green vegetable that grows enormous over night


L (out in the garden with M): What that Mommy?
M: What? (looking into the plants) Yikes! That's a zucchini. Look how big it is!
L: It really big.
M: We need to pick it before it gets any bigger. Hey, there's another one. 1
L: Two, Mommy! There's two zu-kennys!
M: Uh... yeah. Two. We're going to make zucchini bread.
L: Zu-kenny bread?
M: Yeah.
L: I want a tomato!

rejuice - verb: to go get more juice.


K (sitting at a restaurant table with M and L): I want more juice.
M: What would be a nice way to ask?
K: Please.
M: That's better. (looks around for the waitress)
L: I want more juith.
M: You too?
L: Yeah.
M (still looking for the waitress): And what would be a better way to ask?
L: Pleath.
: Can we have more juice Mama?
M: Yes. I need to find the waitress.
K: I think she's in back. She went back to rejuice.
M: You think she's back there to rejuice?
K: Yeah.
L: Yeah!

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