Monday, August 2, 2010

family: a close NOT shave

a father-daughter interlude:

It's not a beard
(but it plays one on TV)

I'm carrying L upstairs, about to deposit her on the bed where she'll read books while I shower.

L: Daddy, you scrathed me.
me: I did?
L: Yeah, you scrathed me on my arm. You scrathy. It hurth.
me: I am? It does? I'm sorry. Are you sure?
L (reaching up to feel my chin): Yeah, you scrathy.
me: I'm about to take a shower. Should I shave?
L: Umm... nope. (shaking her head)
me: Nope? Really?
L: Nope.
me: Ok, maybe I'll shave tonight after I paddle.
L: Ok.

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