Tuesday, August 31, 2010

definitions: perry slicker / good minder

it's double-definition tuesday!

peary slicker - noun, a specialized truck with a lift designed to raise you up to fix wires, or to pick cherries.


L (in her car seat, heading east on the West Seattle Bridge, looking out the window): Hey, look at that ting!
me: What thing?
L: That ting!!
me (turning to see where she's pointing): Oh yeah. That's a big truck.
L: It a weally big truck!
me: It's called a cherry picker. It lifts workers up to fix wires.
L: It a weally big truck!!
K: It's not that big.
L: Yeah it ith!
me: Let's see if mama can catch up to it!
M (annoyed expression in my direction): It's right in front of us.
(conveniently, the truck moves over one lane)
K: Now it not Mama!
L: Yeah, now it not!!
me: We're catching it!
L: We're cathing it!!!
all: Yea!
(we pull up next to it and then go past. we take the Aurora North exit while the Cherry Picker continues on toward I5)
(moments later, a second cherry picker moves past us, speeding north on Aurora. What are the chances?!?)
L: Hey, thea it ith again!
me: Where?
L: Thea!! It going fast. It going weally fast.
me: Yeah it is.
L: We need to cath it. We need to cath that peary slicker!
M: That what?
L: That peary slicker!
M: Ah.
me: You think mama can catch it?
L: Yeah. Can you cath it Mama?
M (glancing at me): Catch what?
me: That peary slicker.
L: That peary slicker! That weally big peary slicker!!
M: Hmm....

good minder - agent noun: one who remembers things.


M: K, do you need to go potty?
K (at the breakfast table): No.
M: Really? Have you gone yet today?
K (shaking head): No.
M: Really?
K: No.
: You remember what happened yesterday?
K: What?
M: You had an accident.
K (head down): Yeah.
L: K had an athident?
M: Let's go try on the potty.
L: K had an athident?!
K: I'm a good minder. I'm a good minder Mama.
M: A good minder?
K: Yeah, I member things.
M: You do. You remember all kinds of things. Let's go to the bathroom.
K: No!
L: K had an athident?!?

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