Saturday, June 5, 2010

family: mama's got a brand new (borrowed) bag....

L and I spent some time this week going through a purse she's borrowed from M. This purse was borrowed some time ago, then went missing, and recently showed up once more. Also showing up was the wallet M has been looking for, containing at least one credit card and her Block Buster membership card (now virtually irrelevant given NetFlix).

So, I got home from work and L came downstairs with the big black purse slung over her shoulder. She can take up to 3 steps before it falls off, at which point she hauls it back up onto her tiny sloping shoulder and takes a few more steps. K is sleeping upstairs so we've got an opportunity for some father-second-daughter time.

L: Daddy, you want to thee what in my purth?
me: Sure.

We sit together on the kitchen floor.

L: It got lot of thuff in it.
me: Really?
L: Yeah. You want to feel how heavy it ith?
me: Sure. (lifting up the purse) Wow.
L: It heavy daddy. It really heavy.
me: Yeah, it is.
L (settling down again with the purse on her lap): You want to thee what in it?
me: I do.
L (working on the zipper): Thith is the hardeth part. It the hardeth part in the world.
me: Unzipping it?
L (still working at that zipper): Yeah. It hard daddy.
me: Let me know if you want some help.
L: I can do it daddy.
me: I know.

And she can. And she did.

It's hard work, carrying a purth

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