Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Definitions: cambra / windthield

another double-definition tuesday!

cambra - noun, a device for taking photos of ones feet (and other things).


me (hopping up off the floor): Let me take your picture.
L: You going to take our picthure Daddy?
me: Yeah, if you don't go anywhere.
L: You getting your cambra Daddy?
me (coming back into the kitchen): Yup, got it.
L: I want to take a picthure!
me: Well, I want to take a picture of you girls.
L: But I want to take a picthure Daddy!
me: Ok. Let me take a couple first.
L: I can use your cambra by mythelf!

Thelf portrait, w/ Ceiling
(taken with daddy's cambra)

windthield - noun, a toy that spins when you blow on it. Sometimes used as tacky garden decorations.


L (waking from her nap): Daddy? Where my windthield?
me: ???
L: Where my windthield, Daddy?
me (picking her up out of her crib): Your windshield?
L: Yeah, my windthield. I want it.
me (carrying her downstairs): M, she wants her "windshield?"
M: Oh, it's on the couch.
me: ????
M: Windmill. They got windmills today.
me: Oh. (carrying L back to the living room)
L: Thea it ith!

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