Monday, June 7, 2010

family: ... i can't stand the rain...

These seem to fairly well sum up our spring (though to be fair, we had a beautiful Saturday this weekend).

And with a layoff at work last Friday, it feels more appropriate that ever....

A sweater and blurry windows...
(a Seattle near-summer)

I don't generally mind the rain, though I frequently miss the sun and light (more so than the warmth) of Hawaii. But now, with small kids, I find the long stretches of rain really wear me down. Everyone gets cabin fever, even when M and I are willing and even eager to get out. I've been paddling in all weather, but when the girls have been cooped up inside for several days on end, we all suffer.


Dear Summer,

I need you to consider our needs and our general good nature and please deliver us some good weather. June 10 - Oct 10 would be nice. If not I may need to come and kick your ass.


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