Monday, June 28, 2010

family: ...the city sleeps, because there's nothing else to do...

I had a revelation a few nights ago, and when I say "revelation" I don't mean in the best sense of the word. I mean it in the "oh crap!" sense.

A morning conversation:

M: Boy, you sure were tossing and turning last night.
me: Hmm... I think I need another pillow. My shoulders hurt when I sleep on my side, especially after a hard paddling workout.
M: You have 3 pillows now.
me: Actually, only 2. I never take that middle one because I figure L is going to be needing it when she comes in....

Sudden brain flash!: I'm leave one of my pillows untouched b/c I expect L to come into our bed and use it at some point every night! Something is out of whack here.

And just in case you imagine that my out-of-whack-ness has no grounding in reality, I offer another, related sleep-in-our-bed conversation I overheard:

M: L, please don't pick your nose.
L (finger in her nose): I not picking my noth.
M: Because I don't want buggers in my bed.
L: In MY bed?
M: This is MY bed.
L: Thith your bed?
M: Yes. Where's your bed?
L (smiling): Thith my bed!
M: (eyes roll)

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