Friday, May 7, 2010

family :... all i no!...

L, with "fire hat"
(immediately after our conversation)

from a recent snack-possibility conversation:

me: You want some apple and peanut butter?
L: No!
K (eating her apple and peanut butter): It good peanut butter.
L: I don't like peanut butter!
me: It's a good apple too.
L: No.
me: You want some apple and cheese?
L: No!
me: You want some cheese and crackers?
L: No!!
me: You going to say 'no' to anything I ask?
L (slightly softer): No!

and we're making progress... ?

me: Ok.
L: I cruthinthithfirehat.
me: What?
L: I cruthingit.
me: Say that again? I couldn't understand you.
K: She crushing that hat.
me: You're crushing it?
L: Yeah.
me: Why?
L: Becauth I cruthing it.

less than 2 days until M is home!

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