Monday, May 3, 2010

family: ...all you need is...

.... (a sister's) love.

K, changing a diaper
(L watching, entranced)

scene: K is changing her dolly's* diaper. L wants to be with her sister, to do what her sister is doing, to be as much a part of her sister's world as she possibly can, not realizing that they are already best friends in a way that no other relationship will touch.

K (kneeling down on the floor with her doll): Daddy, I changing Elliott's diaper. It really poopy.
L: K, pea I watch you?
K (undoing the diaper tabs - Santa-M had the brilliant idea of including some premie diapers along with the diaper tables the girls got at Christmas. Premie diapers + dollies = hours of changing fun!): Ok.
L (kneeling beside K, attention fully directed at her older sister): Daddy, I watching K change Elliott's diaper!
me: Cool!

This is what passes for a golden parental moment around here:
  • pretend poop in a premie diaper,
  • around which 2 sisters kneel in rapt attention...
  • Add a beer** and it doesn't get any better than this

* for those of you keeping tabs, this Dolly was one I carried home from downtown 2 days before Christmas in 2008 during one of our multiple snowstorms that year. The buses weren't running regularly, and I got fed up with waiting and with the prospect of a standing-room-only ride and walked all the way home. Not that big a deal except I had a steamer trunk-sized box of Dolly under one arm. And it was snowing. And up hill both directions! In any case, it's a treasured dolly, and has gone by the names of Sammy, Elliott, Alice, Elliott (again), Alice (again).... any may well have gone through another name/gender change between the time I write this and the time you read it.

** for me. The girls only like to blow on the open tops of the bottles to see if they can make the same sound I make.

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