Thursday, May 20, 2010

photo thursday: ...go to sleep little babe...

... daddy's comatose and mama's nearly so,
go to sleep little babe....

L, in her mama's arms
(note: old photo from last spring, but the
sentiment is current)
me (walking up to L's crib to get her from her nap): Did you have a good nap?
L (lifting her arms up): Yeah. Daddy I thleep all night in my own bed!
me (remembering how M had gone to get her at about midnight): You did?
L: Yeah, I did!
me: No you didn't!
L (now in my arms): I thleept all night in your bed!
me: that's how I remember it.
L: that'th how I member it too Daddy.
me: uh huh.

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