Friday, May 7, 2010

family: ... paying the cost...

... for being the (only) boss:

Join me in a conversation I had with myself this morning:

me (in my head): why am I trying to carry 3 shopping bags, a small bag of treats AND an iced americano in one trip?
me (getting out of the van after dropping L off at daycare, stopping at Bakery Nouveau and making a quick shopping trip for weekend supplies): to save time!
me (head): I could just make 2 trips.
me (finally got hold of everything, sort of): Nah!
me (head): How's that americano?
me (struggling with the gate): great! what I've had of it.
me (head): Not had much?
me (still struggling): not yet.... (setting americano on the gate)
me (head): Probably not the best spot for that....
me (weighed down by heavy shopping bags and annoying noises in my head): It's fine there. (finally manage to get the gate unlatched)
(americano, virtually untouched, hops off the gate and falls to the ground)
me (still struggling): crap!
me (head): how's that "saving time" thing working out?
me (gate open now, coffee draining into the grass and gravel): Shut up!

I'm on my own all weekend with the girls, so treated myself to a twice-baked almond croissant and an iced americano from Bakery Nouveau. Because, after all, the weekend is nearly started! And then as long as I was there I got a ham-and-cheese croissant too. Because I needed to have enough to justify using a credit card. And besides, I deserve it. Did I mention about the weekend and me and the girls? Good thing croissants don't "spill" like coffee does.

M is working a fund-raising event, which though it involves being on her feet from roughly 3a to midnight for the next couple of days, sounds like a bit of a vacation to me. For one thing, she'll be sharing a bed with... nobody! (Gives L and me more room, I suppose.*) And there's a POOL at the hotel where she's staying. And what's she going to be doing between, like, 3.01am and 5.59am? Lounging about I suspect! BY HERSELF!

Wish me luck!

* conversation from yesterday:
me: L, when are you going to start sleeping all night in your own bed?
L: I have crib Daddy!
me: When are you going to start sleeping all night in your own crib?
K: Yeah, L! When you going start do that?
me: Tonight.
L: No! I not do that tonight.
me: Why not?
L: Because I not do that!
K: She not going to do that Daddy.
me (sighing): No, probably not.
And she didn't.

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Maggie said...

Hang in there! Just think of all the material you'll have by the end of the weekend. :)