Tuesday, May 11, 2010

definitions: biteamins / thopping

double-definition Tuesday

biteamins - noun, a pill or pills eaten in the morning, containing necessary minerals, etc. to grow strong and healthy (presumably in easy-to-chew sizes).

: Daddy, what you doing?
me (going into the pantry): I'm getting my....
L (leaving the table and following me in): Biteamins. I want my biteamins!
me: Eat your oatmeal girls.
K: Then we have our vitamins?
L: I want my biteamins!
me: Not until you finish your breakfast.
L (bounching on toes): I. Want. My. Bite. A. Mins!
me (rolling my eyes): ....

thopping - noun, the act of buying, for example, groceries

L (pushing her cart): Mommy, I going thopping!
me: Shopping?
L: Yeah Mommy.
me: Mommy? Am I 'Mommy?'
L (noticing): Daddy. Daddy, I going thopping! I buying biteabmins!
me: Hmm... good.
L: Yeah. Them good biteamins!
K: That prend L. It's prend vitamins.

Christmas Morning, 2009
(seeing double edition)

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Anonymous said...

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