Tuesday, May 4, 2010

definitions: bowed thorth / kapahahi

it's another installment of double-definition tuesday!

bowed thorth - noun, any shorts, apparently
L (in pajama shorts for the first time in months): Look daddy! I wearing bowed thorth!
K (laughing): Those aren't board shorts!
L: Yeth they ith! I wearing bowed thorth!!
me: Board shorts?
L: Yeah!
K: One time she wanted to wear my board shorts to bed. Member daddy?
L: Yeah, one time I wanted to wear them!
me (remembering): That's right. I remember.
L (once more, dancing around for emphasis): I wearing bowed thorth!
Toothbrush and bowed thorth
(fashion style from dad)

kapahahi - adjective, an "Hawaiian" word describing how your swing is moving if you don't get pushed straight

L (on the front porch, swinging in crazy arcs): I going kapahahi!!!
me: Oh yeah.
L (laughing): I really going kapahahi daddy!
me: You are going kapakahi.
note: I found this internet definition a bit of a surprise, having grown up believing kapakahi meant crooked, so I looked further and was relieved to find this one. Whew!

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