Sunday, May 9, 2010

photo thursday (sunday edition): ... wonder how you manage....

M and the girls
(K, L and Lucy - 4/10)

This being my second annual Mother's Day post, and tomorrow, 5/10/10 marking the first year anniversary of this blog, I'm slacking and will celebrate with a few of my favorite images of M as mother....

Sleep and the beauty
(K, April, 2006)

K - best foot forward
(April 2006)

Mother-daughter conversation
(L, March 2009)

Footloose and fancy-free on the Light Rail
(L, August 2009)

Africa, without the travel
(zoo trip, 2/10)

Saddle Club Mama

Soccer Game Snuggle
(M and L - 4/25/10)

Happy day, all you mothers! And a special thanks to the moms in our families, Mom and Rita, and especially M.

One last, bonus picture:

Quiet Time
(with bathing assistants, 2/10)

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Maggie said...

These photos are so sweet they made me tear up. You are all so lucky to have M in your lives (scratch that, we're all so lucky). She's one in a million!