Saturday, March 20, 2010

family: ...just be yourself....

As mentioned in a previous post, we did a rider-and-horse photo shoot the other day.

's aim was to duplicate the appearance of one of her heroes from Saddle Club.

Stevie and Comanche
(not taken by me...
well, taken,
but not in the camera sort of sense of taken)

And here:

K Stevie-West Seattle
(and Prancer)

And one more, because it never gets old, posing like someone in the Saddle Club:

Different day, same idea
(K again, with Prancer
or is it Patch today?)

It's a little scary, just how much she loves to do this. And how good she is at it. We've either got an actor on our hands, or a horsewoman, or.... someone who likes to hug horses.

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Anonymous said...

She is absolutely adorable. These photos remind me of my obsession with having a horse when I was little. This was in the dark ages before saddle club though. I wonder how I ever made it through? :)