Wednesday, March 10, 2010

family: ... they're going to put me in ...

... (front of) the movies....

Movie time: Part 1

On Sunday we did "movie time" with the girls, and I made sure to be there while they watched. This because we'd tried this once before, with some 3 Little Pigs cartoon from the library, and that was not successful.

Here's how it went that first time:

me (hoping for enough time to get dinner made): You girls want to watch that movie you got at the library?
K: Yeah!
L: Yeah!!

I take them down to the basement and set them up. I make sure to watch the very beginning, just to make sure this isn't accidentally some oddball adult movie that somehow got slipped into the wrong section of the DVDs (hey, there have been a lot of budget cuts at the library!). It looks good. 3 pink pigs talking about houses and all that. Cool. I kiss both girls on the head and leave them.

I'm just getting going with dinner when I hear L coming up the basement stairs.

L (not yet at the top): Daddy?
me (registering that she doesn't sound quite her usual, jovial self): You ok?
L (appearing at the top of the stairs): Daddy! (running toward me)
me (lifting her): What's up?
L (snuggling in against me): I don't like this movie.
me: No? Why not?
L: It cary.
me: Really?

I carry her downstairs to check on K who's still gamely sitting on the couch, watching the TV.

me: You like this K?
K: No. It too scary.
me: Really?
K: That the bad wolf.
me (regretting not being there): You want to watch something else? (pulling out the serious stuff) Saddle Club?
K&L: Yeah!

So out comes the Bad Wolf and in goes the 3 happy girls and horses, and my girls get their screen time in and I get to make dinner.

And periodically throughout the next week L reminds us: "I don't want to watch that movie!"

I worry that she may have been scarred, but otherwise she seems unfazed, so maybe it's just instilled in her a healthy respect for wolves.

Coming Soon: Movie time part 2.

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