Friday, March 12, 2010

family: .... they talk to themselves but they don't listen....

excerpt from a recent conversation with L:

L: You have pwivates.
me: Yes, I do have privates. Everyone has privates.
L: Me have pwivates and K have pwivates and Mama have pwivates....
me: And Lucy.... everyone. You know what 'private' means?
L (clueless): Yeah?
me: It means you don't share them with other people. You keep them private.
L: Yeah. You no show your pwivates to anyone, not ever!
me: Right. Well, sometimes. Like the doctor. Or if we're giving you a bath.
L: Yeah. But not you.
me: Uh... yeah, ok.
L: Not show them!
me: So when you want privacy...
L (big grin): When I go under the table and pooping!
me: Right. That means you want to be left alone.
L: And then I have biiiiig poop-a-doop and that will be a big bummer!
me (looking at K): ????
K (laughing): She wearing a diaper!
me: Yeah. L, you're wearing a diaper. It's not a big bummer.
L (laughing now and crawling under the kitchen table): But it going to be a biiiiig bummer.

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