Thursday, March 25, 2010

photo thursday: hair today...

M gave L her first "real" haircut this last weekend, and as usual she did a great job:



And my semi-related thought for the day:

So far I've been pretty lucky as far as getting pictures of the girls, but I'm already noticing a change. K has learned to "smile" when I point the camera at her, a smile that isn't really. A smile that looks fake. L isn't there yet, but I suppose she will be before too long. It's one more reason I prefer candid shots to posed pictures.

In At Work, Annie Liebovitz says something to the effect that she felt it in her gut when her daughter lost her natural smile. The concept of learning to put on a face of any sort is one I'm grappling with right now. What is it we teach our kids, if we're teaching them to pretend to be someone/thing? And by "we" I mean not only parents, but the world.

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