Sunday, March 28, 2010

family: it's all a matter of style...

I'm fairly certain that K has gotten any style sense she has from her mother. L, I'm not so sure about.

I grew up in shorts and t-shirts, barefoot through 6th grade, with limp, greasy hair, and have never really gotten over it. M grew up in the land of big hair and trans ams, but seems to have overcome that handicap, dressing now with style and pizazz.

K has strong opinions about her clothes and the clothes we wear.
L's opinions tend to follow closely behind those of her sister.
Sample dialog:

K (brushing her teeth on our bed): I no like that shirt.
me: Really? Why not?
L (sucking toothpaste off her brush): No like thirt!
me (thinking): Oh, well that's a good reason!
K: No.
me: You want to help me pick something else?
K (hopping off our bed to lead me into the closet): Yeah.
L (sucking toothpaste off her brush): Yeah!

K then picks me out a shirt that may in fact be a better choice than the one I originally selected. And L finishes sucking her toothpaste off her brush.

Still, there's hope. L may have inherited some of my taste and tendencies. As earlier described, she doesn't always get her colors right (which may or may not be intentional). And her "style" is sometimes all her own:

Calling Lucy
"Lulu, come hea! Lulu, come hea!!"

Things to note:
  • I took this on 2/7/10
  • in Seattle
  • so you know it's not warm
  • she's barefoot
  • the deck is wet
  • she's wearing underwear
  • over her diaper
  • she's going to hate me in 10 years, if this is still posted
Now that's a sense of style I can relate to!


Jocelyn said...

Ever since Austin's gotten out of diapers, he occasionally finds one and adds underwear on top. But then he also adds other items, such as plastic cars, small stuffed animals and other misc items... where do they come up with this stuff?!?

pvz said...

Just wait -- once diapers become an important part of your lives again, he may find he "needs" one.... We haven't yet had the misc items added though.

Maggie said...

She might hate this photo in 10 years but will love it in 20!