Tuesday, March 9, 2010

paddling: .... you can't catch me...

(warning: boring to most normal* people)

I've not mentioned paddling now for 3 or 4 days, so to catch up, here's a brief recap of various practices over the last week:

Thurs, 3/4/10: OC1 practice with the Dougs, which consisted of me:
  • trying to keep up with the Dougs
  • trying to not huli
Result: 10.14 miles in 2:09, with no huli.

It was a good practice for me in that it got me back into the OC1 after my Saturday race (w/ huli), and it felt pretty good. I also got some useful coaching from DougN after we'd finished the workout -- need to rotate a bit more, maximizing the catch and front of my stroke. And I need to keep my upper wrist straight. Any wiggling of that is counter-productive and can lead to carpal tunnel-type issues. Definitely don't want that!

Sat, 3/6/10: OC6 practice with only 4 of us in the boat:
  • 10min sets working mostly on technique
  • using a new, shorter paddle (52 instead of the 54 I've been using)
  • sat in seat 1
  • sunny and warm and I was in short sleeves and board shorts for the first time this season!
Result: 8.64 miles in 2:07, with moderate success on technique and shorter paddle.
I'm still adjusting, and felt my back and shoulders quite a bit over the weekend. I'm not sure if this is the result of the paddle change, or the focus on rotating, or both.

The ultimate take-away for me is that I really don't like paddling w/ just 4 in an OC6. It always seems to feel like a slog, and though we were moving decently, it wasn't as much fun as other practices in more completely crewed boats.

(erratic track due to circling back
to keep together with the other boat)

Tues, 3/9/10: OC6 practice with a full boat:
  • 2x (8on, 1easy, 7on, 1easy, 6on, 1easy, 5on, 1easy, 4on, 1easy)
  • wind came up near the end, a cold cold wind
  • using 52in paddle again
  • sat in seat 1
  • DougM's birthday
Result: 12.66 miles in 1:58 (DougM's gps said 12.8mi), feeling better about the paddle length and the rotating. Main issues for me were the cold (couldn't feel my fingers for much of the first 3rd and the last 3rd) and the fact that I kept speeding up the pace on our power 10s.

That's something for me to work on -- to stay regular and consistent, even during the power pushes. In other words, I shouldn't pick up the pace unless specifically asked to. Part of it was that the others in the boat seemed to tend toward speeding up the pace, but mostly it's my responsibility to keep it where it should be, and let them back off to keep in time with me.

(erratic track due to circling back
to keep together with the other boat)

* normal = anyone who thinks getting out on the water in a small boat in Jan/Feb/March in Seattle is nuts.

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