Thursday, March 4, 2010

photo thursday: ... it's a stretch

I believe in the power of role models. I believe that seeing someone you identify with, in a particular position (job, responsibility, accomplishment), can really fuel the belief that that same thing is not out of reach for you.

And this is one reason I love parenting with M. What a wonderful role model the girls have! Not only is she a wonderful person, but she's active and engaged and is setting a high bar for our daughters.

Here are a couple of pictures of "my girls" stretching (M after a run, K&L after... hanging out with me while M ran - I'm being a role model too!).

For the sky!

Note that both K&L are still in jammies. It isn't morning!
Also note L's intense attention to M's instructions.

And a bonus picture, because I can't resist L's Saturday Night Fever pose:

Stayin' alive

K seems to have gotten the finer points, including the feet. It's all lost on L.

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