Monday, March 29, 2010

family: double-definition tuesday (special monday edition)

(This is a happy birthday post for my sister. Not that either of these is remotely birthday related, but we're doing this on Monday in honor of her birthday!)

wep wipes - noun: pre-moistened wipes

me: L, stop squirming! We're almost done!
L: But I need a wep wipe!
me: You need one?
L: Yeath. I need one!!
me: A wep wipe?
L: Yeah.
me: Why?
L: Because I need one!!
me (it all becomes so obvious!)

eye bags - noun: dark spots under your eyes when you haven't had enough sleep:

M: L, you have bags under your eyes. Did you get enough sleep?
L: Yeah.
K: I have bags under my eyes?
M: No, you look nice and rested.
L: Daddy, you have eye bags?

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