Wednesday, March 3, 2010

family: ...I may have been only 3, but ....

... I was .... crabby...

From the series: The View from 3 Feet.

(I've downloaded a bunch-load of photos from K's camera and will be using them as filler to make up for the fact that I have nothing worth saying. I think possibly the Grandmothers appreciate it. The other two of you will have to just suck it up!)

K, expressing unhappiness at L using her camera*


Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that I am one of four readers of your blog! ;)

Nice paddle last night, how was it in your boat? We seemed to loose our get up and go on the last third.


pvz said...

ok, maybe 5 readers!

paddle last night felt pretty good, overall. i'm partway through a post about it. our boat ended up feeling better than i'd expected, given that janelle hadn't been out much, and kim/mike are relatively new, and owen was brand new. but we seemed to click (over time) and things felt pretty good. We were doing 6+mph for most of the sets, but more importantly, the canoe felt smooth and in-sync.

Carma Sez said...

I was going to say "make that three of us who appreciate it - but then I saw the second comment was from you - doh!) - thanks for your camera advice (about the spot) - I'm using a point and shoot - Sony Cybershot so there aren't that many components. I'm stumped - but it is an inexpensive camera - not worth paying to repair...guess I'll just have to live with spotty pics for now; it's not like my blog pictures are that stellar anyway :D