Tuesday, March 23, 2010

family (celebrity double tuesday): ... as you are he as you are me...

(edit: OK, Blogger* is... "messing up" and this wasn't supposed to go out until tomorrow. So you need to skip it until then, or promise not to complain when there's no new posting!)

*(it couldn't be me that messed up!)

Yet another occasionally recurring theme -- Celebrity Double Tuesday

First, an "outtake" from the Saddle Club sessions:

K, with Patch
(or Prancer, depending on the day/hour)

But ignore the horse for the moment and consider the resemblance to:

Odd that he isn't holding a horse,
but then, not everyone is as lucky as we are.


Anonymous said...

If only Kurt Cobain had been on Saddle Club. Now that would have been interesting!

Tev said...

I can't believe you pre-write blog entries...