Monday, September 20, 2010

family: ... what goes on...

... when Mama is away...

Today I'm posting a couple of photos taken by a friend* who came over for dinner while M was gone. I take plenty of pictures of the girls, but it's nice to see some from another perspective.

L, looking herself in sooo many ways
(new "thockerball" pajamas)

I love the one above because it manages to capture aspects of L's personality that I'm not sure I've ever managed to get in a picture. Three pairs of glasses? Really? (By the way, all glasses are "thunglatheth" to L, whether or not they have darkened lenses.)

And this one too, captures key aspects of K:

K, looking... pensive and pretty
(L in foreground, using my "gee-pee-eth")

*(thanks Melissa.)

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Anonymous said...

I think K may have been a bit put out that L had control of the gee-pee-eth, seemed like a high value item to strive for control of.

Thanks for a lovely evening!