Wednesday, September 8, 2010

family:... today it's your...

... first day of school

First Day of School, 2010
(second year of Pre-K)

Today is noteworthy for several reasons, including that it is the first day of the school year for K. This is her second year at Montessori school and she enjoyed her first year. But the start of any school year is a big deal, and this is true of the start of your second pre-K year at Montessori.

To celebrate, we (M and I) drove her down to school and walked her in, kissed her goodbye, and went to coffee and bakery treats.

This was also to celebrate another milestone: today is M's birthday. In honor, she got to make K's lunch, struggle with getting L dressed, drive the girls (and me) to daycare (L) and to school (K), and then I treated her to coffee and a twice-baked scone at our local world-famous bakery. She went off to work after this, to get some quiet time I think.

Of note this morning was the opening of a package from M's college roommate, a package that contained a book about the Brat Pack, and a yodeling pickle. Yup, that's right. A pickle. That yodels. If you know M and her roommate, you know that this isn't as surprising as it sounds.

Here's the thing. L is sometimes, well, crazy, even without adding in a yodeling pickle. Add that, and what you get is L running back and forth across the kitchen, wielding this pickle as it "yodelahe-hoos." In any case, the pickle was a huge hit with the girls, so much so that we had to divide up turns with it. L gets 5 minutes, K gets 5 minutes... repeat ad nauseam.

K: It my turn! I want to see it!!
L (bursts into tears as K pulls the pickle away): Waaaaaaa!!!!!!
me: K, what happened?
K (quietly, almost to herself): Nothing.
L: She tookth it from me! I want it! I want it!!
K: Well, it was my turn and I wanted it.
pickle: Yodelllllllaaaaaayheeee-hoooooooooo
me: retch!
L: I want it!
me: K, give it back to your sister. You get a turn next.
K (hands the pickle to L): Here.
L: Thank you. (takes off running, pickle broadcasting loud yodels throughout the house). I winned! I won!! (back and forth from mudroom to back door)

(interruption - how kids learn language is fascinating. L obviously understands past tense at some level, and she corrected herself, going from "winned" to "won")

L (still running): Listen Dada! Hear it! Hear it now!!
me: I hear it!
L: No, hear it with your ear!
me: I do hear it with my ear.
L: No, put it close!
me: I don't need to.
L (takes off running again): I won! I running!! I won!!!
M (quietly, to me): I'm going to go take a shower, ok?
me: Sure, knock yourself out! Happy birthday!!
L: Hear it Dada! Hear it!! (looking around) Where ith Mama?
me: She's upstairs. Hey, we're leaving the pickle home when we take you girls to daycare and school.
L: Ok Dada!
M: Oh, alright.

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