Tuesday, September 7, 2010

definitions: enbellope / lawn

it's double-definition tuesday!

enbellope - noun, a paper sleeve designed to hold a letter or card (see also unmail).


M: The mail's here!
K: Can I see it?
L: I want thomthing!
K: No! I asked first!
M: There's some for everyone. Here K, a new magazine. L, do you want a magazine or an envelope?
L: A enbellope?
M: Yeah, an envelope. Here (handing some junk mail over).
L: Thith a enbellope?
K: I want something with horses
M: We don't have anything with horses K.
L: Mama, thith a enbellope?
M: Yes L, it's an envelope.
L: K, this a enbellope.
K: No it's not! It's a envelope!!
L: A enbellope? (Rips it open.) Mama, I want another enbellope!

lawn - verb: to open one's mouth wide when tired.


M: K, did you get up too early?
K (looking tired at the breakfast table): No.
M: Really? You just had a biiiiig yawn?
K (shaking head): No. Daddy, can I have some candy?
me: No K. Are you eating your breakfast? Oh, that was a big yawn!
M: Do you want some oatmeal K?
K: No!
L (coming in from the living room): What?! What Mama?!?!
M: I asked K if she wanted oatmeal.
L: Ith she said yeth?
M: No, she doesn't want anything. (seeing K yawn again) Oh K!
L: What Mama?
M: She keeps yawning, L. I think she got up too early. Do you want some oatmeal?
L: Thur. (climbs onto the window seat)
me: I'm going to have oatmeal.
L: Me too!! K, you want to have oatmeal?
K: No!
L: Does you want to have baby boony? (laughing)
K: No!! Stop it! (another yawn)
me (looking over at M): Does you want to have another coffee?
M (emphatic nod): Yes!
me: K, do you want some coffee?
K (smile threatening to break out): No! Daddy, no!
L: K, does you have a lawn?
me (looking at M): ???
M: ???
K: What?
L: A lawn. Does you have a lawn?
K: What is you talking about?
L: A lawn. Does you just lawn?
me: Uh... do you mean yawn?
L: Yeah, lawn.
K: Stop talking to me!

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