Tuesday, September 14, 2010

definitions: eyebulb / roastmallows

it's another edition of double-definition tuesday!

eyebulb - noun, the round thing behind your eyelid.


K: Daddy, look at L.
me (looking over at my younger daughter who is lying on the window seat with a finger in her eye): What are you doing L?
L: Thith ith my eyebulb!
me: Your eyebulb?
L: Yeah! Can you touth it? Dada?
me: Touch your eyeball?
L: Yeah! Can you? Pleath?
me: No L. We don't touch anyone else's eyes.
L: Peath Dada? Because I want you to!!
me: I'm not going to touch your eye.
L: I can touth it mythelf!
me: Why do you want to do that?
L: Becauth Dada. Becauth it my eyebulb
me: Ok.
K: It not a eyebulb!

roastmallows - noun: one third of the makings of s'mores.


L (walking to the supermarket with me): Dada?
me: Yes L?
L: Can we get some roathmallowth?
me: Some roastmallows?
L: Yeah Dada! Pleath!!
me: Why?
L: So we can eat them!
me: You want to eat them?
L: Yeah. And put them in the fire and hold them there with a stick.
me: Like at Kathleen and Larry's?
L: Yeah.
me: Maybe we can. Should we do that with them again?
L: Yeah. That would be fun Dada. It would! Weally!
me: I think you're right. It would be fun.

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